What’s up guys, I wanted to definitely write this post as soon as possible and address this common question. Are you ready? Here it goes… Are there Aliens out there in the universe? We are all definitely going to have differences of opinion and that’s ok because if everyone agreed then we be living in a boring and bland world.

I am here to just give you my insight and you can determine for yourself whether you want to believe in ET or not. So, from what I have explored, It is under my impression that our green big eyed friends or foes, Do Not exist. I know call me crazy! Yes, I do agree with a majority of scientist about many topics of space however, this is one topic in which I do stand my ground!

I say that Aliens do not exist because even though there have been many reports about people being abducted, the Roswell conspiracy and UFO sightings. The truth of the matter is that there has never been any sort of physical evidence of any little green monster. In science, we need to have some sort of viable evidence in order to come into an ultimate conclusion.

We can hear all the stories we want and hope to believe in them but without any physical evidence then Aliens are just a fairy tale. Even the story of Jesus would be deemed believable because there is actually documented historical evidence showing the proof of his existence. Do we have a hair sample and so forth? No, but we do have historical documentation such as the dead sea scrolls and the Bible. Scientist need physical proof! I myself was always fascinated with the idea of other intelligent life forms and did my due diligence in order to give the idea every opportunity possible but after my own personal extensive research, I came to the conclusion that the closest I would ever get to Aliens was going to be through Hollywood films!

The thing is that it boggles my mind that so many intelligent people, including scientist are believing the notion that Aliens do exist. Why is it that all the Aliens seem to abduct all the crazies out there in this world? You can constantly see it on the news and on the Discovery Channel. It is always some nut job explaining that the world is ending on this particular date and that the Aliens are coming back to takeover!

For example, my friend and owner of Plano Electrician told me a story about an ex employee that he recently had to let go because this employee would report to customers that he himself was an alien! It’s things like this that definitely does not help the case in proving Alien life.

I know a lot of my fellow scientist will disagree on this but again, I’m just posting my point of view and would like to hear yours. I believe in hearing everyone out but until they stroll in a dead carcass of ET in front of me, the my viewpoint stands. There is no such things as Aliens! Alright everyone I got to go and phone home so post you up here soon!