Where My Love of Space Began

What’s up guys! I’m really excited to be sharing with you my fascination with space and love to get any type of feedback or theory you may have in the near future. Please, if you have any questions or comments then contact me at this email address:contact@inorbitt.com

Alright, I would like to begin with how my love of space beckoned to what it has become of today. I was 10 when my Dad first introduced me to Star Wars! My mom wanted to wait till I was 10 before she allowed my father to share in his love and fascination for this movie. She was definitely more of a realist than my father and my father of course was a visionary and very futuristic.

So, there I was at 10 years old just excited to finally get to watch something, that was once banned from my mother. The movie began and 10 minutes into it, I was definitely hooked and a Star Wars geek for life! The thing that I loved the most was the space exploration and seeing all the different possibilities out there in the universe. Of course, this was a fiction movie but heck I didn’t care and it definitely catapulted my love for the cosmos and what was out there.

My dad soon gave me a book about the realities of space and what the NASA scientist have uncovered so far. I just remember reading hours upon hours about the different planets, stars and complexities of our planet Earth and many more. I was just blown away by all this and it definitely helped in being the top astronomer that I am today! So, there you have it, just a brief snapshot into my beginning and why I love the topics of anything space related. Again, I love to hear any of my readers stories and comments so feel free to give me a holler!